What are your advantages of becoming a sponsoring partner: 


1. Are you looking for an absolutely convincing and decisive icon for your brand?

2. Would you like to have a charismatic and authentic ambassador who represents the excitement of this racing action to the word? 

3. Do you want to have a reliable and long-term partner on your side which sparkles your brand with passion? 

4. Would you like to profit from further skills like moderation and motivation, both on-­ and off­-track? 

If you answer one of these questions with “yes” we should definitely meet. I am very much looking forward to finding a tailor- made solution for you which is a 100% match. The more creative we get the better; there are no limits. To the contrary: the more extravagant the concept, the more attention your brand will receive.

Teaming up with Laura Luft will get you a personal brand ambassador. Moreover, you will be granted access to her adrenaline­ packed world.

Laura Luft is passion per definition. 


Curious? Get further details about me in the following brochure!

Brochure Laura Luft
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Current team

Adrenalin Motorsport


The story of Adrenalin Motorsport began in 2009. Team manager Matthias Unger had been with another team for three years before and won the VLN Titel in 2008 with that team.  After that period he decided to build his own team.  He started with two cars, a BMW Z4 3.0si and a BMW E90 325i. From there he continuously built up with one car per year. Until today Matthias Unger is quite a fan of BMW and therefore has now three BMW E90 325i in V4 class and five BMW M240i Racing Cup in Cup 5. But to further compete in V5 class he had to buy a Porsche Cayman 981 in 2016. The following year he invested in another Porsche Cayman 981 and 2018 brought in a Porsche Cayman S for V6 class and a BMW M4 GT4 for SP10. After climbing on the podium in 2009 with finishing 3rd in the BMW Sports Trophy with the team, from 2014 onwards Adrenalin Motorsport could achieve the title of the world class private BMW team in the BMW Sports Trophy four times in a row. Besides many class wins in the following years, the team could name those titles their own:  RCN Team Champion 2015 until 2017, BMW M235i Racing Cup Team and Driver Champion 2014, Production Car Champion 2017, VLN Runner-Up 2017 and so on. In the meantime besides VLN races also some drivers competed in BMW DMW Challenge or NES500 with some Adrenalin Motorsport cars.

> 2018 is the year with the following titles: VLN Champion, VLN Runner-Up, VLN Production Class Champion, RCN Champion and BMW M235i Cup Team Champion. 

> 2019 is the year with the following titles: VLN Champion, VLN Runner-Up, VLN Production Class Champion, RCN Champion and BMW M240i Cup Team Champion and Junior Champion.

> 2020 is the year with the following titles: NLS Champion, SP10 GT4 Champion, VT2 Champion, V4 Champion, V5 Champion, V6 Champion, CUP 5 Runner-Up, Production class winner, Junior Trophy Runner-Up

> 2021 titles, wins and team spirit: NLS Champion 2021

> 2022 titles, wins and more: NLS Champion 2022 (history making: 5x champion in a row)

> 2023 the record breaking domination: NLS Champion 2023 - 6x times in a row in NLS!


Scuderia Offenbach Motorsportclub 1968 e.v. at ADAC


The Motorsport Scuderia Offenbach was founded in 1968 by active Rallye drivers who wanted to form a sportsclub to enjoy their hobby and organize races. Over the years they have organized several races in different categories from Rallye, Car Slalom to Karting and since 2012 the club is listed in the ADAC Hessen Thueringen as well as in the national sporting league in Hesse. In this club I am responsible for the sporting devision since 2021. 

Ambassador for Kart Bundesliga


The KBL (Kart Bundesliga) offers karting tracks the option for marketing their races and drivers can gain Performance League points and climb higher in the overall ranking board: drive local - gain national points.