About me

"Just do it as otherwise you don't know how far you can get!"


Name: Laura Luft 

Age: 39

Nationality: German 

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

Profession: Event Manager (Bachelor of Arts (Honors))

Hobbies: Racing, Fitness, Western riding, MMA

License: DMSB International C, Nordschleifen Permit A, FIA Bronze

My most favorite race tracks I have already raced on: 
Nordschleife, Spa-Francorchamps, Assen, Ascari, Portimao, Zandvoort


To compete in 24h races not only on the  Nürburgring Nordschleife but also on further tracks around the world and on top also again in the go kart



Where it all began...

Since I am 10 years old I have watched every F1 race on tv and made my own statistics. Ever since cars and racing always fascinated me but until I could follow my passion to drive a race car I had to wait until I was 24. 


Sure thing that I had my drivers license directly at the age of 18 but the first time I was in a go kart was in December 2007. 


Why was that the case? 

As my family has no background in motorsport and it was clear that I had to finance my races with my won budget, I had to fight my way through. 

And so said in 2008 after I had finished my studies and earned my money with my first paid job I invested it directly into go karting. 


Through a lot of go kart races, either sprint or endurance races, with several teams and seasons competing in the GTC (German Team Championship), I had as well several internationale 24h races and even 77h and 99h world record go kart races. 

This is one goal: to get me higher up in the rankings and preparing myself for racing a race car.

In 2013 I then completed my National A license. After a sport injury which resulted in a surgery and recovery phase I fought my way back into a 24h race in Dubai in 2014 to get back to endurance racing. 


2015 was another preparation year to bring me back to the level I was before the injury and through several karting races and further discussions with some teams, I could start in 2016 with my motorsport racing...finally!

I completed a full season in the ADAC Dacia Logan Cup as it was important for me to gain experience in several racing situations and prepared myself for a full field fight for positions. That plan had worked out as in 2017 I could directly compete in the some RCN races with a BMW Z4 on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. 


As it was clear that with my own budget I could not finance a full season in a higher class completely I took part in some races in the RCN throughout the years and completed my 10th RCN participation in 2019, having started 4 times in a Z4, one time in a 325i and directly then the rest with a M235i/M240i Racing Cup. 

Also this intermediate goal worked out for me to climb up higher in the ranks of faster and more competitive cars and classes.


2019 I could finally participate in three VLN races to get my results for the Permit A which is the foundation of driving in higher classes in the 24h races on the Nürburgring. 


So far in a short time in the race car my goals were completed and I still have some more left to drive with different cars on different tracks around the world. 


Some cars on my bucket list were already included in extra test sessions e.g. with a BMW M4 GT4 in Portimao and a Golf VII GTI TCR on the Nürburgring. 


In the Corona pandemic, I could race again with my well-known Adrenalin Motorsport team with a Porsche Cayman and M240i at selected NLS races. In 2022 unfortunately the 24h Nürburgring participation had to be cancelled by me due to health issues and the 25h Fun Cup race was also withdrawn in the end, as a sponsor of a girl in our team bailed out. 

I fulfilled my dream of the 24h race myself in 2023 and did so very successfully: in both the qualifying race and the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h race, I was able to finish third in the BMW M240i class with my fellow drivers and my team Adrenalin Motorsport.


How my story continues, can also be written by and with you as a strong partner. Just check out the webpage "Become a partner" to find out more. 

I am looking forward to an idea exchange and future projects.