News 2019

My third VLN race with the M240i from Adrenalin Motorsport

Finally I could race in the dry at the third VLN race on the Nordschleife. And again I was the second fastest on our car where we had four drivers on it. This helped to get more rounds for my Permit A. We came in on P8 in the end although it was a tough race which was directly red flagged at the start due to a heavy accident. Luckily the race distance was not cut down so we could get the four hours in our race. It was so much fun and all the hard work payed off as I now have my Permit A together :-) Great car as we had the newbie of our team. 

My second VLN race with the M240i from Adrenalin Motorsport

I could finish another VLN race to come closer to my Permit A license and we had exactly the same weather conditions like in the first one: rain at the ring. This time I was driving with different team mates on the #651 which I had as well at the RCN race this year. It was great to have photographer Vanessa Kraußer (aka Pitlane Shots) following me around this weekend. After the taxi laps on Friday with great sunshine I was on rain tires in my second stints during the race and this was a good decision as I did not had to change tires again and was the fastest in the rain on our car. It was so much fun to drive the 8 laps and I could have gone for much more. 

My first VLN race with the M240i from Adrenalin Motorsport

After a lot of hard work this year I could finally sit in #654 from Adrenalin Motorsport and race my first VLN. The weather was typically with a lot of rain and changing conditions. In my turn I was sent out on slicks and of course caught the rain in the second lap. Then after more than one round on slicks we could swap to wet tires. You could literally see nothing in the spray but I managed to bring in the car safely to the pits for my team mate to take over. In the competitive CUP 5 class we could finish 11th out of 14. Not that great but if you start from the last position in the field we could gain some places and it was a great learning curve out there.  

Golf VII GTI TCR Test with WS Racing

On Friday before the VLN race and taxi laps I could test drive the Golf VII GTI TCR from WS Racing and meet some of the Girls Only - Ready to rock the Green Hell ladies from the team. 

The team chief, team manager, engineer, tire engineer. and it was nice to chat with them. We could do 2 formation laps, 5 sprint laps and 1 inlap with great sunny weather on track. The car was great to drive, like gokart and no matter of how the casting results might be, it was an amazing experience and opportunity to drive this car. 

12h Kart Bundesliga race in Schaafheim

Team Angry Birds startet at the 12h Kart Bundesliga race from P8 and could gain some positions up to P3. When I was sitting in the kart I had to fight my way through the field with no great material but could gain two positions back to P6 after lack of great performing karts before. After that we could use our strategy to move ourselves up in the ranking to P1. We then stayed quite long in the Top 4 area but unfortunately had to finish in P7. Again the material had too many gaps in the pace although we were quick with what we had. So there was no chance to make more points in the end but I had fun and happy to be back in the kart. 

RCN 7 - Finally sitting behind the steering wheel


After almost a year full of work and many additional jobs I finally could sit in a race car again and participate in the RCN 7 race with the M240i Racing Cup from Adrenalin Motorsport. 

It was a chaotic race with many code 60 and yellow phases which did not allow for a free sprint lap. But overall I felt confident in the car and I was quicker than last year and this without any training and data analysis. 

I can be satisfied so far but now I am working again on preparing for the other races. 


4 days working through:  ADAC Total 24-Rennen
(Adrenalin Motorsport/Nürburgring eSports Lounge)


During the ADAC Total 24h-Rennen I had my double jobs to do. Throughout the day I was working for Adrenalin Motorsport in the box and during the night supporting the simulator manager at the Nürburgring eSports Lounge. It had been very intense and hard days but hopefully next year I am then sitting in the car :-) 

Simulator support and Social Media work for Nürburgring eSports Lounge at Formula E 

I had the chance to work during the Formula E event in Berlin at the simulator and also did some social media work for the Nürburgring eSports Lounge. The Simulator Challenge was just one station amongst several others the young girls had to go through at the Girls on track event organized by FIA, FIA Wim, DMSB and Dare to be Different. It was all about getting a sneak preview into several areas of motorsport. There were many smiling faces and nice chats with the young talents. Besides that I had the chance to speak with Sophia Flörsch and Michèle Mouton and even Jean Todt visited our simulator booth. In an interview with Senior Event Manager of Formula E, Marty Manecy, we spoke about the importance simracing and esport has for the future. And with the long queues outside of our tent we could see that the new simulator DRseven© has left a great impression. 

Tried out something new - Rookie test on the oval in Venray


Nascar was fascinating to me since I was a child and I had now the chance to test something similar on the oval in Venray: LMV8 Ascar. First we went out with the Twingo in order to learn the lines and race situations with a spotter. Finally then we could jump into the beast and with slightly wet conditions it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. Let's see what this year will further hold for me. 

BMW M4 GT4 Test in Portimao


It has been an honor to be able to test the BMW M4 GT4 of BMW Motorsport in Portimao.

It is an amazing car and a beautiful track. Many thanks for this opportunity. 

A dream became true to drive this rocket and it was hard to get me out of the car as I would have loved to stay in the driver seat forever. 

27th International Kart-Exhibition 2019 


Who will be at there at the biggest kart exhibition in the world which takes place in Offenbach

from 26-27 January?