News 2019

Tried out something new - Rookie test on the oval in Venray




Nascar was fascinating to me since I was a child and I had now the chance to test something similar on the oval in Venray: LMV8 Ascar. First we went out with the Twingo in order to learn the lines and race situations with a spotter. Finally then we could jump into the beast and with slightly wet conditions it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. Let's see what this year will further hold for me. 

BMW M4 GT4 Test in Portimao


It has been an honor to be able to test the BMW M4 GT4 of BMW Motorsport in Portimao.

It is an amazing car and a beautiful track. Many thanks for this opportunity. 

A dream became true to drive this rocket and it was hard to get me out of the car as I would have loved to stay in the driver seat forever. 

27th International Kart-Exhibition 2019 


Who will be at there at the biggest kart exhibition in the world which takes place in Offenbach

from 26-27 January?