News 2022

"It begins with you! If you like to achieve something you have to do it with passion and determination!"

Season ending of the DMV series at Lausitzring


The season not only ended for the drivers of the DMV series at Lausitzring but also for me as a real race commentator for this year. We had a fully packed day of different races to commentate on.

Luckily the SimRacing season is not over yet and therefore I am happy to commentate on the ADAC SimRacing Cup races coming up for the next months. 


Also great that we saw many SimRacers at the award ceremony during the ADAC GT Masters weekend when I moderated through the event. Awesome to see and meet some drivers in real and talk about the next events. 


F1 Paddock Club Expert Host - Zandvoort


This is always a highlight for me not only because I joined last year at this GP which made this one my anniversary with the F1 Paddock Club Expert Host team but also as Zandvoort is a special highlight to me with all the fans around and also seeing Max win his home GP again.


We could share this experience with our guests watching some of the action from the turn 3 which is the Hugenholtzbocht and also had great paddock tours. 

Perfect weather conditions and mega atmosphere made this GP a special one again.

ADAC Racing Weekend was spend in the commentator box for the DMV series at Nürburgring


You feel like one of the Nürburgring TV colleagues when sitting in the commentator box at the Nürburing. During the ADAC Racing Weekend we could take a seat and present the DMV series to the fans around the track and also via the live stream.

I was again joined by my colleague Linda Terting who also gave some insights from the pits and we could also welcome some interesting guests for the different races. 

You can watch the live streams here: Saturday and Sunday

Track marshal and commentator at Scuderia Offenbach Slalom


In my new role as sporting director at Scuderia Offenbach I joined this year as a track marshal during our slalom event and also had my commentator duties for some special rounds of the ADAC Youngster Cup.

F1 Paddock Club Expert Host in Austria


After the Canadian GP this felt like a home run for me, as I was called for the next F1 GP in Austria as part of the F1 Paddock Club Expert Host team again.


We also went with the guests to the support categories like F2 and F3 into the garages and could explain the differences of the cars and procedures. Furthermore, we had many guests taken to the Paddock from which they saw a lot of drivers which enriched their experience. Also great to commentate a fast lap around the track on the Truck Tours which is always a highlight for the guests. 


Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie - Opener Laura


My first moderator job für Nürburgring TV was opening the 4th race of the Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie. 


That was a great feeling to start the production from the green screen studio setting. 
It made a lot of fun and also I was running around in the pit lane afterwards to grab some interview guests for the post production. 

Amazing to see so many familiar faces after a long time again and working with this professional team together.  

You can watch my personal highlight of this year here:

Moderation of Award Ceremony "Sportlerehrung 2021 des ADAC Südbayern" at Motorworld Munich


What an honor to moderate the Award Ceremony "Sportlerehrung 2021 des ADAC Südbayern" which could now finally take place in the normal environment and great location Motorworld in Munich after the pandemic situation in the last years. 


The young drivers were awarded for their great success in the past seaon and it is great to see the talent the have and the passion with which they follow their way in motorsport. 


My personal highlight was meeting Isolde Holderied, the legend. 

To watch the entire ceremony click here:


F1 Paddock Club Expert Host - Saudia Arabia


I am truly grateful for further events I can join in 2022 with the F1 Paddock Club Expert Host team.
In March the Saudia Arabian GP was in the books with many memories and fun experiences.
Looking forward to the rest of the season. 

Start at ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring with BMW M240i 


I am thrilled that my second endurance race for this year is confirmed.

Finally the waiting comes to an end and I will start at the 50th anniversary of the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

I will be racing on my well-known and beloved BMW M240i from Adrenalin Motorsport, the team I am racing with since 2017 and happy to share this special experience with them.



Update: Unfortunately, due to my health issues in the pre-phase for the 24h I had to cancel my participation.

25h VW Fun Cup participation in 2022 in Spa-Francorchamps with Ladies Team


I am super excited to already announce one of my programs for the upcoming 2022 season. 


I will compete in a ladies team with Clémence Rouceau, Célia Martin and another female driver - to be confirmed - in the 25h VW Fun Cup in Spa-Francorchamps for team HSM. Finally my time has come to race endurance in a race car after the several karting ones I participated in and have also won internationally. 


Furthermore, it is great to support Clémence in her first ever big endurance race on her way to Le Mans and for working with the ladies together on this great project. 


Update: The race participation was cancelled for us as the sponsor for Clémence bailed out and the car had to be withdrawn from the starter list.