News 2020

"It begins with you! If you like to achieve something you have to do it with passion and determination!"

Double-Header NLS at Nürburgring - live from the Nürburgring TV studio


Although I could unfortunately not sit in the race car I was however a part of the live production and close to the race action. My responsibility was the Social Media support for the moderators for the Goodyear Fan-Zone activities. Of course the face mask was on the entire weekend and the sound on my ears.

Also nice to see that many fans showed her "staying at home setup" in front of the TV. 

Interview with Its Ezbreezy (USA)


I was part of a Sports and Athletes Podcast - routed in the States.

You can listen to it on YouTube how I went with high speed through it :-)

Podcast about my motorsport passion is online - Thanks Kathrin



Kathrin and I speak about high performance hacks from motorsport which you can translate to the daily life and there some facts which people might not know about me. So check out the YouTube video. 

Podcast voice for BIGinSports


I am the female podcast voice for the "Mixed-Sport" section at BIGinSports since May. 


I could also interview the chairman of the board of Scuderia Offenbach Motorsportclub 1968 e.v. at ADAC as well as race car driver Sven Grossmann. Furthermore, we do have have several regulars' table discussions and the next topics will cover SimRacing. Furthermore, there is a new chapter called "Ladies Talk" where I interview several female athletes in different sport categories. Also we had spoken to some race car drivers like Bruno Spengler, Mike Rockenfeller, Maro Engel and some more. 

Three DSRC Spring Cups are in the books


I was moderating the three DSRC Spring Cups together with "the voice" of 60 seconds F1 Highlights and DTM famous commentator, Peter Reichert aka Ritschie.

Those races are officially licensed by the DMSB and will start with further qualification rounds from June onwards and kick off the championship from August. 

Rank my art painting until 30th April 


It would be great if you could support the artist Tadaomi Kawasaki with your vote for my art paining he made especially for me.


You can support this by voting until 30th April under this link:


Just search for "votes" under "Submission Ordering" and you will find me. No need to sign-up for anything. I am now on position 2 in the ranking and we should win this race, don't you think? :-)
Thanks for your support!

Magazine article in the actual Motorsport-XL 04/2020


In the recent magazine from Motorsport-XL 04/2020 I do have three pages which give you some insights about me and upcoming news. 
If you do not have the printed magazine, you could get a preview of this article here

My "about me" brochure is online


Many of you ask me when I began with the sport, how I made it and what my motivation is. 
My personal "about me" brochure is online and you can read it here

Racetrack Coach


Happy to announce that I will be available from now on as an instructor for the RacetrackCoach GmbH. You can book me for several track days and looking forward to seeing you on track. 

28th International Kart-Exhibition 2020 


The karting fair in Offenbach is a fixed date in my yearly calendar. Not only as it takes place in my home town but also karting is a major part of my racing career and therefore is a key element of my days when I started with racing. 
I will be there on one of the following days of the fair: 25 or 26 January

New autograph cards in stock


For autograph requests, please send me a personal message on my social media channels or an email and you will receive a card from me. Please send me then a DIN A5 envelope which is already stamped and has your address on it. 

The email address is: contact[at]laura-luft[.]com