Season 2016

ADAC Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cups

This series is dedicated to new talents in touring car racing and those who want to start with racing as well wit GT cup cars. Organized by ADAC Weser-Ems in general there are as well five other local and regional ADAC clubs in the north of Germany. The clubs e.g. are Braunschweiger Auto Touren Club, motorsportclub vcb Berlin, RSG Hamburg, AC Verden and ADAC Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The races take place at one day and participants can either subscribe to a 30-min sprint race or to a 2h endurance  championship with driver changes.

German Team Championship (GTC)


Started in 1998 the GTC has become now the only remaining German endurance race championship.

This year will be the 19th season. The series offers six races with over 40 teams competing. The highlight of the season is the Bavarian 24h race where even more teams are expected to come. There are as well several endurance race setups including different starting procedures. Furthermore, there is a special junior trophy (until 17 years) and a senior trophy (from 40 years onwards). 

ITalian Kart Challenge (ITKC)


The ITalian Kart Challenge will be raced in memory of Mr. Gianpiero Moretti, probably the most successful Gentleman Driver in the history of Sportcars, founder of MOMO, MOMO Corse and MOMODESIGN. He was the only one who has been able to win in the same year the three most famous Endurance races in the USA, the 24hr Rolex at Daytona, the 12hr at Sebring and the 6hr of the Glen, and moreover with a Ferrari, the unforgotten 333sp. He has been also the first to win a race in the Country of the Raising Sun with a Ferrari sportcar, the 512s, in the fantastic Fuji circuit. What we want to do is to literally bring in the ITalian Kart Challenge his spirit, his enthusiasm to compete with the same emotions and the same fair play.