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2nd place in the ABA Motion E-Sport Series in the GT3 Actoracer section


The Adrenalin eSport Power Team featured by LaRoS_Racing competed with only two drivers in the 12h on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. This was done on an Actoracer in the Adrenalin Bar. Overall we finished third in the championship as there were also online drivers competing in which had their own category. So overall not a bad result as we also had a strong field to go through. If you click on the image you can watch the live stream replay. 

Meet The Hero - Age does not matter - An interview about me


If you ever wanted to know when I started with racing, what my background is and what my future plans could be, you can read the German article here:


Photo: Oliver Selzer / Speedmatters

RCN 3h race was finished with P6

The RCN 3h race presented a typical Nordschleifen weather with rain, wind and cold temperatures.  Everyone had to struggle with those changing track conditions and my tires did not even got warm. In my just 4 laps this was not optimal as also the times were not that great. I had to catch the M235i rear two times but luckily was without a damage. Not everyone was so lucky that weekend and we had a lot of destroyed cars along the way. Unfortunately, we could not make use of the pole position and during the stints went back to P6. Photo: Oliver Selzer / Speedmatters

Simracing Expo

The who is who from the Simracing scene will exchange for new trends on the simulators and race against each other. I will comment on the ADAC Digital Cup and Porsche Hotlap Challenge. 

Fourth RCN race unfortunately finished with a DNF

The fourth RCN race in the beginning was quite ok although I had a lot of traffic and again yellow and code 60 phases. I had to fight my way through the herd and some drivers did not really pay attention to blue flags which cost me a lot of time. After the driver change we had to retire the car after two laps as the gearbox oil temperature went up to high so the driver could not shift gears anymore. It was again a very intensive learning race for me but unfortunately without a result. 

Photo: Ruben Schaefer

Third RCN race finished P6 in the CUP class


In the third run I started again and was as well improving my times and handling as from the previous race. Although there were again many accidents with yellow and code 60 phases I could improve my timings significantly as well as enhancing the overtaking times. Still there was much traffic on the track which did not allow for a single free round but again another step forward. I am now in the phase of overtaking much more cars than before which is due to the faster car a new process of learning and this car much more fit to my driving style. 

Second RCN race finished P3 in the CUP class


The second RCN race was great as we could set the car on 3rd position in the end. Many thanks to my team mate who could perfectly match the set times and could even better navigate through the traffic to push times. It was a lot of fun with the M235i to race on this track again and with each race I am more happy to find some more optimized corners and seconds to push for. 

6 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished and Championship leader in the end

for LaRoS_Racing


The races were loaded with pure action on the Nürburgring and very successful for us with P1 in the first sprint, P2 in the second sprint and P1 in the endurance race. Championship win for us in the end and a lot of scenes to comment on for me as well enough work for doing the double job as the race control today in combination.  

Again a very nice experience for me today in this double position. 

First RCN race finished P5 in the CUP class


On 14th April I had my first RCN race with best weather conditions in the 24h track layout as my personal season start highlight. Firstly, because I was racing the M235i for the first time and secondly that we had this special track layout. In the starting phase we had unfortunately some yellow and code 60 phases but the second half of the race was much more relaxed. P5 in the end was okay but next time we want to aim for positions higher up in the ranking. 

5 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished


This race in Donington Park was dominated by my team mate who had to drive alone in all three races as I switched to another role in the commentator box. This was really much fun for me and Robert did a great job for LaRoS_Racing with two victories and fastest laps. With a lot of action on track the guys provided me with some nice racing to comment on. 

Testfahrt mit dem M235i auf der Nordschleife


Before the 2nd VLN race I had again the chance to test drive with Adrenalin Motorsport. This time with the M235i Racing on the Nordschleife with coaching. I personally like this car much better than the E90 and I felt great directly from the start. Now this means to test and train as well on the Simulator ongoing.  

Test drive with the E90 325i on the Nordschleife


I could do a test drive on Friday before the 1st VLN race with the E90 325i from Adrenalin Motorsport on the Nordschleife with coaching included. This provided me with some useful tips and tricks again.

4 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished


In Vallelunga we could finish in 1st place in the sprint race which gave us useful points. But again, the second race for me is always a curse as I was pushed off the track again and had to fight back to 5th. Then unluckily I had to refuel 1 lap before the end and finished in 9th. Again not lucky in the endurance race with P5 in the end. 

3 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished


LaRoS_Racing started into the third Škoda Octavia Serie and could gain 2nd place in the sprint race. Again the luck was not on my side in the second race where I had to finish in 10th position. But in the endurance race we could finish again in 1st place as Fabian is counted as non-competitive. 

2 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished


We started with the team LaRoS_Racing into the second race of the Škoda Octavia Series with two sprint and one endurance race. In the end we could finish in 1st position in the endurance race and could win the 2nd place in one of the sprint races. Unfortunately, the second sprint races was not in our favor but at least the top 5 positions in the overall ranking are closer together and the season is still going on. 

1 out of 6 sim races of the Škoda Octavia Series finished


We started with the team LaRoS_Racing into the first race of the Škoda Octavia Series with two sprint and one endurance race. In the end we could finish in 4th position in the overall ranking. The next race will take place on 18th February in Brands Hatch and for this we train hard at Adrenalin Bar in Wiesbaden.

3h SWS Kart race in Eupen


To finally sit back in a kart again we signed in to participate with two teams in the 3h SWS kart race in Eupen. Although we had relatively good times and could speed up we had to finish in 16th position out of 29 due to the very strong competition. But we are satisfied with the result and it even makes much more fun to battle with fast drivers on the 13PS karts in Eupen.  

26th International Kart-Exhibition 2018 


Who will be at there at the biggest kart exhibition in the world which takes place in Offenbach

from 27-28 January? 

I will be there!