News 2017

10th VLN-Fanpage Karting Event in Eupen


We had our pro-driver Marc Gassner with us and had a lot of fun in the team. We had some nice battles with the others in that competitive field but could finish in 13th and 21st position of 27 teams overall. But I could drive the team's best lap-time in the second race which was a great success for me. I hope that we can race next year again. 


Photo: Peter Elbert


12h Actoracer race in Siegburg


On 28 October we participated with 3 ladies in the 12h Actoracer race of SPA with nk Racing Team. From 14 starters overall we could finish 11th. Started from P10 we could gain some places in the beginning getting up to P8 but could not hold the place until the end. It was a lot of fun and we finished the race. Many thanks to Thorsten Lingnau for your support. 

RCN 4h race with BMW E90 325i from Adrenalin Motorsport

After achieving the Permit C license for the Nordschleife I could take part in the RCN 4h race "Schwedenkreuz" on 15th October with the E90 325i. Together with my team mates Christoph Magg and Maximilian Rauh we could finish P3 in the RS4 category.

Many thanks to my great team mates as well as many thanks to the entire PIXUM Team Adrenalin Motorsport. 

Photo: 1VIER.COM

RCN 8 with Z4 from Adrenalin Motorsport


On 30 September it was the d-day: the rainy weather had arrived at Nordschleife and I made my way through in traffic with the Z4.

There had not been any dry areas and you had to find the right spots on track. But with that is was always tricky and exciting. The car was ok and that was the main goal for the day.

40 years ahead - BMW Driving Experience event in Maisach


On 23rd September BMW celebrated their 40 years anniversary of BMW Driving Experience on the training ground in Maisach.

I could learn how to do the James Bond Turn and had the opportunity to chat with the other Instructors. I could also get some insights into the workshop and the concept of autonomic driving as well as could also had some fast taxi rounds.

RCN 7 with Z4 from Adrenalin Motorsport


On 16th September I could drive again with the Z4 in the RCN 7. Again we had perfect weather conditions and my teammate was also very quick. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with my time in the end and of course not with my result but there are more races to come were I can get better! 

Press day on 13th September at IAA


The IAA in Frankfurt is a must have and thanks for for the ticket. During the press days you have the chance to sit in the cars and take relaxed some nice detail pictures. There were a lot of concept cars and world premier of different cars i.e. "Mission 8" from BMW with the M8 GTE as well as their 8 Series Concept or e.g. you could see a complete new car, Aspark Owl. Also Project One from AMG was there as well as the Z4 Concept.

Testdrive with the Golf GTI TCR at Nurburgring


Many thanks to VW Motorsport for the opportunity to test the Golf GTI TCR on 18th August at Nurburgring. We could drive two different setups in the car, one with DSG and without ABS and the other one with sequential race gearbox and ABS.

Of couse it was typically raining but under those conditions you could feel the difference between the cars even better in my opinion. Afterwards we discussed the different feelings and what kind of setup we liked best. It was a very interesting day and if you click on the picture, you could read a short summary of that day  in German.  

Simulator training with the Actoracer for the Nordschleife

Many thanks to Actoracer for the possibility to drive for some hours in a row that simulator in order to improve my lap times on the Nordschleife. The setup was made up with a Seat and the VLN track layout. It was a great feeling to drive with that simulator as the movements of it perfectly matches of what you saw on the screens.

Hopefully the theory will soon become practical again.  

A few hot laps with Nissan GTR and Lotus Elise Cup

I was already lucky about the fact that we had the chance to get a 2 round ride at the Laguna Seca racetrack during my vacation. But on top of it I could drive some cars with Dream Racing in Las Vegas. I went out with a Nissan GTR as well as a great final I took the Lotus Elise Cup car for some rounds. Furthermore, I did some simulator training laps to stay in practice. Well, without cars in my vacation...that literally can't be :-)


Bleekemolen Race Planet Training in Zandvoort

End of June I could drive for the first time in Zandvoort and I was lucky to have a Porsche 911, the Mercedes AMG-GTS Safetycar and the Formel RP1 as cars to drive. At the end there were also taxi rounds with a Renault Clio Cup. I was really surprised by the Mercedes who although it was a heavy car drove through the corners with a lot of agility and of course the sound was music to my ears. The Formel cars also nailed it and we were the fastest group on track at that day. We overtook literally all groups and it was so much fun. Beautiful track and a great experience. 


2h kart team race with Angrybirds in Switzerland


What a pity for us in the end as we had started from pole into this race which was set by my team mate Claudio on the kart track on 18th June in Wohlen in Switzerland. We were leading the race but after I came into the pit where I touched the barriers a bit, we got a 10 seconds penalty and this forced us to the 5th place. I tried in the end to recover this by pushing hard but unfortunately 0,09 seconds were missing to be on the podium so we ended up in 4th position.  It was a very nice track with good times for the first time there and our sister team came in at 10th position. 


RCN 4 with Z4 from Adrenalin Motorsport


On 10th June I could drive my first RCN race on the Nordschleife with the Nexen Z4 from Adrenalin Motorsport. The race had some Code 60 phases but I could drive some times round 9min and could have been even faster. But I could drive the fastest lap on our car and take it home safely into the pit. It was thrilling to make my way through traffic, to overtake some people and to deal with timing and the communication over radio without making any mistakes. Unfortunately, I missed the confirmation lap with around 7 seconds but next time it will work out.  I am very much looking forward to it!

24h kart race with Oldies but Goldies in Saalfelden


At the 24h race in Saalfelden I could drive the second fastest team time as well as the maximum rounds with a total of 250 minutes overall. We started from P4 but in the end could not keep up with the team effort so we ended up in 9th position. But it was a fun track which is built on a security test ground with different hill jumps and each time with a different layout. That is a nice combination and atmosphere if you have a complete different layout in comparison to a normal kart track. I very much liked it!


Social Media Coverage at 24h race for Adrenalin Motorsport at Nordschleife


During the 24h race I was live helping the Adrenalin Motorsport team with their social media activities on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook during that 4 days event.

I could observe the activities in the box from the pit wall and watch the various pit stops and driver changes.

This has been a great event and it was really exciting in the last 20 minutes as well when it began to rain and the crew had to quickly change all tires. It has been a really successful race tor the team. 


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Nordschleifen Testing with Adrenalin Motorsport


During the test- and setup sessions for the VLN at Nordschleife,

I could drive some rounds in the Adrenalin Motorsport Z4. 

My coach Janni Smyrlis could give me useful tips and hints of how to improve my racing on that track. 

There will follow some more rounds this year at Nordschleife and hopefully I can also participate in some RCN races.

Winner of the "Spirit of the event" Trophy in Dubai


2017 was the start for the new CG Racing Angels Team which could take home the trophy for "Spirit of the event" at the 12h Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship race. The winner was Batelco Racing Drag965 with CG Racing Pro finishing second. The ladies were fighting with it on the track and our two newbies in our team will be trained the next months from the experienced drivers.  

Official member of Scuderia Offenbach Motorsport Club 1968 e.v. at ADAC


I am happy to announce that I am an official member of the Scuderia Offenbach Motorsportclub and will compete with various other drivers in different series. For Karting I am at the moment the only active driver participating in international championships.  

25th International Kart-Exhibition 2017 


Who will be at there at the biggest kart exhibition in the world which takes place in Offenbach

from 28-29 January? 

I will be there!

Coaching at Ascari Raceresport in Spain



With Team Adrenalin Motorsport I could finish a coaching in a BMW Z4 and could receive some useful tips by the team chief who did the coaching. In the end I was racing as it was supposed to be with that little baby. 

That was a lot of fun and as the race track offers various corners and has a nice flow there was the opportunity to try a few things to improve myself.