News 2016

Christmas Advent Calendar Raffle



On my Facebook page all my friends and fans could take part each day over Christmas to either ask a question or answer one of my given ones. 

In the end there was not only one winner as previously thought but I could send some little presents which were related to my personal racing to three winners.

The presents were a personalized snapback cap, a personalized t-shirt and two of my Alpinestars karting gloves, a new balaclava, a new Bengio safety underwear, a visor spray and autograph cards.  Thanks for taking part in this raffle. 

Test run with the Mitjet



I had the opportunity to race the Mitjet car during the Advent Track Day with School of Racing in Hockenheim.

700 kg and 225 HP, is not the worst way to drive as well on top with race shifting / gearbox. Although there were some tricky conditions with a wet and slippery track, it was a lot of fun with the race feeling. 

This series is new for Germany but already know in Italy and France. Those are the tracks where the races for the German series shall take place: SPA, Oschersleben, Nuerburgring, Hockenheimring, Monza. You can find further details here:

9th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


With difficult weather conditions with rain and cold we finished our last race for the season on 5th place and unfortunately were pushed one place back in the championship (6th overall).

Nevertheless, I could qualify the car on 5th position and the first practice season for me in a race car was good for learning. I improved with many seconds on the race track and constantly drove each lap on the track also through traffic. 

I will soon keep you updated on what my plans are for the upcoming 2017 season and stay tuned...!

8th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


There have been some accidents during the race day but luckily nobody was injured. Our car made its rounds nicely through the traffic and we could end up in 4th place. In the championship we could move up one position now being in 5th in the ranking.

7th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


The Sunday was even better for us as we started from 4th position into the race and finished with a very close battle on 3rd position in the end. That was our best position this year so far for our car number 210. 

6th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


Due to a good qualifying with my personal best lap on track I could set the car on 5th position and did my first race start in the race car. We could finish in 5th and gained important points for the championship. 

5th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup - this time from Assen


Unfortunately, we could only finish in 5th in Assen but my pace was good and I could directly find my rhythm in the race on this new track. 

4th round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


We could manage this time to finish in 4th which is the best position so far for our car number 210. We had gained important points for the championship with this. 

Victory was so close at ITKC 12h race


We started from pole and directly had technical issues from the beginning. But that did not stop team Mokart from getting back to 1st position during the race which we could keep until 11h14min where we were forced to stop for another technical check. That took so long that we could not catch up our gap to the other teams and ended up in 5th. But I had a new racing suit this time and it was a good race and team spirit overall. 

3rd round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


This time I was racing without our purple hood as I was the only lady in our team. But I had great support from my fast team mates Philipp and Lucian which helped to gain position 6th in the end. It was very nice to fight again under dry conditions and sunny weather. 

Unfortunately there was no chance to fight in the 2nd round of Dacia Logan Cup / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup


After a great qualifying position in 4th we had to stop our car after a few rounds during the race as we had an oil leak. Therefore, we could not push and get important points for the Pfister-Racing Ladies-Team. 

Sieg beim 1. Lauf der ITKC in Ottobiano


With the team Mokart I could win the 1st round of ITKC, the 24h of Ottobiano. That was my first 24h victory but the second victory in Italy with this team. It was so much fun and looking forward to the next race, the 8th of Vairano on 18th June. 

Autograph cards are ready


My first autograph cards are now ready. If you like to receive one, please leave me a message to and the cards are on your way. 

If you are ordering outside of Germany, I might have to ask for a prepaid envelope. Many thanks for your understanding. 

Member of #D2BD (Dare To Be Different)


Susie Wolff and The Motor Sports Association - governing body of UK motorsport - have joined forces to launch Dare To Be Different, a high-profile new initiative that will inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motorsport.

5th place at 1st round of Dacia Logan Cup /

ADAC Boerdesprint Cup



With a pure ladies racing team we could start in the first Dacia Logan Cup race / ADAC Boerdesprint Cup and could gain experience and important points for the season.


With my team mates Eleen Kleemann and Janine Pessl we will soon get back into the car again. 

ADAC Dacia Logan Cup 2016


I am happy to announce that I will race with Pfister- Racing Ladies-Team in the ADAC Logan Cup this year. This will be my first racing season and I am very much looking forward to it.